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Every year since 2019, Netflix has filmed 20 people risking their lives.

And the best part is you don’t have to be interested in or knowledgeable about Formula 1 to enjoy the series.

If you’re looking for a new series that continually has you literally grabbing the edge of your seat with sweaty palms while screaming at the TV, this is the series for you.

So, let’s talk about why you should watch Netflix’s most intense series.

It’s all the drama, Mick. I love it!
Drive To Survive (DTS) is absolutely jam-packed with drama – it’s the essence of the series. It’s 20 of the best drivers in the world, risking their lives trying to beat each other at speeds of up to 200mph.

Formula 1 consists of 20 drivers and 10 teams; that’s two drivers per team. There’s a twist, though – both teammates still compete against each other.

Friendships are formed and ended because one nearly causes a fatal crash for the other. You grow to love a driver, just to witness them plummet into a metal barrier at 119mph and walk out of a burning fireball unharmed with their car split in half, while their teammate panics over the radio for some sort of reassurance – it’s completely unpredictable.

No matter whether long-life partnerships are crafted on screen, or whether a driver may have caused a near-fatal crash for their teammate, these drivers are focused on one thing: winning. Drama is unavoidable, and you’ll be rooting for someone every episode.

You respect it for what it is
You may not care about Formula 1, and that’s perfectly fine. But there is something admirable about the drivers and what they do. They have a burning passion for driving – driving has been a part of their lives ever since they were kids.

You have to rise through the ranks to earn a seat in Formula 1. Once they’re in, they’re driving the fastest cars in the world. Yes, they make a lot of money doing it, but that doesn’t mean much when they risk their lives for every race. They love racing, so, they drive to survive.

On top of that, you learn to appreciate the cutting-edge technology that really goes into the making of these cars.

Not only do you marvel at the speeds they can reach, but there are some of the world’s best engineers putting these cars together; ensuring that they are competitive, safe for the driver, and a spectacle for you to watch. That’s pretty impressive.

It gives you a smooth introduction to the sport
Now, I know I said that you don’t need to know anything about, or even like Formula 1, to enjoy the series. And I still stand by that. However, it’s a great source of material to get you interested.

You quickly learn to familiarise yourself with the rules, the cars, the teams, the drivers, the conflicts, and the tracks. If you’ve ever been put off from getting into a sport because of everything you need to learn, DTS makes that easy for you.

I’ve given you a rundown of why you should start watching Netflix’s most intense series. Just make sure you don’t start speeding in your car pretending you’re Max Verstappen once you’re hooked.

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