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The key to conquest in Warhammer Total War III is understanding each faction’s playstyle.

Unlike previous Total War titles, the Warhammer trilogy of Total War games, with the first being Warhammer Total War (2016), followed by Warhammer II Total War (2017) and then Warhammer III Total War (2022), are designed for players to be successful and awarded based on their playstyles.

The playstyle is significant in Total War Warhammer III, unlike previous games outside of the Warhammer Total War Trilogy, because Games Workshop’s Warhammer fantasy models and books inspire these games.

Players will have to play in a style that matches each of the eight factions: Khorne, Nurgle, Slannesh, Tzeentch, Daemons of Chaos, Grand Cathay, Kislev, and Ogres. However, this doesn’t mean players won’t be able to go forth and conquer, but instead have factions tailored to their play styles.

Grand Cathay

Gamers who are huge fans of and are exhilarated by building their strength and base building as their main playstyle will love the Grand Cathay faction; ancient China inspires them in terms of culture and tactic.

This faction would be ideal for gamers who prefer to fight in a stationary position on the battle map; this faction favours tighter formations with great artillery and crossbowmen.

It also has heavy infantry units which the military uses to hold the enemy in place – they’re used to break down the enemy.

People with a slow playstyle will find this faction’s gameplay ideal; however, its balancing does not favour frontal assaults, unlike the Khorne faction.


The legions of Khorne are ideal for players who love to be on the attack and annihilate the opposition on the battlefield whether they use the artillery unit or not. Hence, their primary style of fighting is a frontal assault. You can also build up a city and population.

Khorne is all about destruction and war; being a Chaos Faction, it favours annihilation. Each time this faction sacks or demolishes a settlement, it gets boosts such as the ability to move to a greater distance on the campaign map.

The Grand Cathay is a primary defensive faction; then, the Khorne playstyle is unquestionably aggressive and ideal for destroying AI-generated enemies or other defensive players in multiplayer and online.

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