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It is time to delve back into a galaxy far, far away!

With the return of Bad Batch for its second season kicking off the year for Star Wars, it’s already begun with quite an excitement for fans.

To recap: the Bad Batch, also known as Clone Force 99, is a group of unique clones with enhanced mutations (first introduced in season seven of the Clone Wars).

In this season, each member of the team was gifted in their own way; Hunter with the ability to track, as his senses were greatly heightened. Also Wrecker with his super strength, Tech with his intelligence, and Crosshair with his ability to see at great distances, who is also known for never missing a target. Later on in the Clone Wars, but before the beginning of season one of the Bad Batch, a clone by the name of Echo, who has several robotic limbs, joins the team. 

The first season starts at the end of the Clone Wars when Order 66 is first executed by all the clones. All the clones around the Bad Batch execute the order, without any questions, including Crosshair. However, Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Echo are the only ones confused, which starts a rift between Crosshair and the rest of the team. On returning to their home, Kamino, where all clones were created, they meet a girl by the name of Omega.

As this season progresses we discover (spoiler alert) that Omega is not just any clone, but that she is a special one; as she is an unaltered clone from Jango Fett’s D.N.A., just like Boba Fett is. While Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Echo all escaped the rising Empire’s clutches, along with Omega; Crosshair remained behind, becoming a soldier of unwavering loyalty due to his inhibitor chip that all the clones have.

The entire season focuses on keeping Omega safe, fleeing from the Empire, and removing the inhibitor chips that had made them potentially dangerous to Omega. The season concludes in a sad manner, ending in the destruction of Kamino City; the home of the clones, and the separation of Crosshair from the rest of the team after they are reunited through a series of events. However, despite this season ending on a gloomy note, there is a glimmer of hope as the sun finally unveils itself from the clouds; something that never occurred on the planet as the weather was always cloudy, stormy, and rainy. 

Episode I, Spoils of War, now commences with team members, Echo, Wrecker, and Hunter running from giant crabs on a tropical planet.

In this series, we see definite growth from the youngest member of the team, Omega, the young clone girl. Omega once struggled, with the energy bow, in the first season; but in this episode she’s seen as a pro, taking down the giant crabs left and right.

Whilst, many months have passed since the events of the first season took place; the show, like the other Star Wars shows, doesn’t fail to tie in events during the time period the show falls into. Details are added, which are fascinating and exciting to Star Wars fans; such as the mention of Dooku, when the Empire takes his war chest, which Dooku stole from various planets, that was destroyed by his movement in the Clone Wars. As well as the great addition of the Separatists, and being able to see more of the planet Serenno.

This first episode, of the new season, is filled with action, suspense, and humor, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Each episode, especially this first episode, will leave you wanting more.  

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