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I used to be this, I was that; I was rich, I had so many cars and properties, I used to hold great career positions, I used to love, I had a great marriage. Using these phrases might mean you are still living in your past. You need to ensure you are living beyond your past.

According to statistics, 70% of people can relate to this. A lot of times, these thoughts, feelings and flashbacks could be devastating and could lead to chronic depression. The effects of depression in today’s world have been underrated, to say the least. Mental health and self-evaluation are not spoken of enough, which at most times always leads to more problems.

Usually, most individuals that go through this phase often end up opting for medical appointments and therapy, which could lead to being placed on medications or even being admitted, depending on how the case may be. Some go through the path of drug abuse with the mindset that it will help take the pains or thoughts away, while others could go through the spiritual route and offer numerous prayers and still not overcome this phase.

Now, do not misinterpret or misjudge the actual point here. Every individual reacts to different things and what works for person A might not work for person B, which is the reason for the general point of view here.

You cannot solve a problem, without knowing its cause.’ In order to get over this phase and heal, you need to come to terms with the cause of what happened in the past, the possible solution or how to overcome it. And most importantly, you need to put on a mindset that whatever happened is ‘your past’, and a failure in the past might not necessarily mean a failure in the present or future.

In simple terms: assume that the past, present and future are different entities or variables and one doesn’t necessarily dictate or predict the other. With this mindset, you can be able to accept the fact that there is a part of your past which you might not be able to influence. there is your present that you could influence, and there is your future, that you might not know but could plan ahead for. There is a quote by Albert Einstein which says: ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

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