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 I love to read wonderful books, and one of the books that moved me to do things bigger and accept risk was a book by a good Author, Jeremy Kingsley ‘Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down’. This book caught my attention and I had to recommend it to a friend. I wasn’t surprised at his reaction at the mention of the words ‘When Life Knocks You Down’. This friend of mine lost it and rebuked me, saying life would never knock him down. I smiled over his reaction.

Life is a balance of good and bad

I wouldn’t fault anyone who would reject negative words, because words are strong. God created both good and bad, just like life and death. These things can’t do without each other.  What I want to understand is how people constantly shy away from challenges and truth. If you jump up, you will definitely jump down, if you don’t, it becomes a problem. What goes up surely must come down. You don’t expect to see good every day of your life without seeing a few bad ones too. Else life is not balanced.

Challenges come in different ways: it could be health, finance, or relationship. How you accept these things and handle them, is what makes life absolutely great.

Challenge yourself to do and become better

When you feel you are not pleased with your present state, challenge yourself to do better and become better. I will have to be honest here, challenges don’t just transform into that perfect picture you have in your head, it will take a lot: a lot of your time, energy, sacrifice, space, savings, and even happiness and peace of mind. But when the right time comes and manifestation takes place, you would be glad you challenged yourself, which is why you’re higher than you ever thought you would be.

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