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There are many email marketing platforms that serve different client needs in terms of campaigns and mailing lists. Some come with simple drag-and-drop features whilst other allow for custom personalisation- through HTML and CSS editing. From beginners to experts, email marketing platforms are available for every kind of possible client.


Overall best platform

I used Mailchimp to create email marketing campaigns for an e-commerce plus-size fashion brand. The simple drag-and-drop interface was easy to use. Personalised designs, along with maximised images; suitable fonts for headings, subheadings, and content- all contributed to the company’s success.

Businesses can schedule campaigns, A/B test copy, and get reports that include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and more.

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The advantages of this platform are that it is easy to comprehend, includes a free plan that allows up to 500 email contacts, provides clear reporting, and integrates with a plethora of software platforms.

The disadvantages of this platform are that phone support is limited and it is not designed for intermediate marketing teams.


Top marketing suite

Hubspot allows for a variety of tools and reporting, to assist with marketing campaigns, across all elements of the marketing funnel and customer journey. This involves campaigns taking place across all channels- such as websites, social, email marketing, and more.

Contact information may be stored using the CRM system provided.

An audience can be built through lead forms, live chat, and online ads.

The advantages of such a versatile piece of marketing software include CRM, social media, blogging, and email marketing competencies. Deliverability rates are kept on track via the Email Health tab. Only the client pays for the contacts they are marketing towards. Also, leads can be tracked throughout all phases of their buying journey. As well as many useful training resources available online.

The disadvantages of this platform are that low-cost plans are not available, integration with external CRM systems is difficult, and much is to be learned- if Hubspot is to be utilised fully.


Best for E-commerce

Drip is the ideal email marketing platform- designed for e-commerce businesses. This is due to its :

sophisticated workflows combined with advanced list segmentation

(The 6 Best Email Marketing Software of 2023 at

This means that dynamic and personalised marketing is put to good use, as customer shopping habits are then triggered by personalised emails. Real-time updates are received based on how the customer interacts with these emails. The given campaigns are quite powerful, easy to configure, provide intricate contact list segmentation, and have customer support that is well-established.

However, it must be noted that a few key integrations are lacking- there are no drag-and-drop facilities, and support options are limited.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are a number of email marketing platforms available, designed for different kinds of uses. These include small businesses, e-commerce businesses, media/publishing companies, and more.

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