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Ever heard the saying “you are what you listen to “?

Well, it’s not a lie!

You’d be surprised by the major influence what you’re listening to has on your life, thoughts, and your emotions.

Likewise- choosing to listen to a podcast enhances your way of thinking, and how you process your emotions, better than a song, which resonates with how you’re feeling at that moment.

Let’s dive deeper.

What you listen to affects how you feel 

When you’re feeling sad you listen to sad music- and when you’re feeling happy you listen to music that makes you happy. But when you choose to listen to a podcast- you choose to engage in a conversation that could elevate your thinking and change your perspective. Depending on what you’re interests are- you can choose to listen to a business podcast, self-help, self-improvement, positive thinking, creative writing, content creation, or even an audiobook.

Choosing to listen to a podcast will help you navigate your feelings rather than dive deeper into them in a way that’s not going to impact you positively.

Music or Insight?

Yes, music is soothing to the soul yes I admit.

Music helps you cope- but insight helps you get through it, and not just deal with it. Sometimes you need more than some fun lyrics; you need a way to get through what you’re going through. You need to hear that someone like you has survived the things that you’re dealing with.

That’s how podcasts help you.  

You get to listen in on conversations- by experts, or people, that have just lived through tough experiences. This allows you to see others as individuals, as fellow human beings- and not just as industry moguls, celebrities, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

What do you allow yourself to listen to 

Contrary to popular belief, or rather the lack of emphasis is given to how, what you allow yourself to be exposed to, or even listen to, has a direct impact on your mood, attitude, character and emotions, and well-being.

Music has evolved over time, from classical instrumentals- to today’s many genres of music. That which started off as just melodious sounds have morphed into so much more, with so many more elements added to it as the decades passed. Now we’re in an era of visual information overload, so much so, that there are even virtual realities.

I digress, about how much radio has evolved to podcasts: a way in which conversations can be had about knowledge, perception, perspective, insights, beliefs, culture, society, and much more.

Have you ever wished that you could have a seat at the right table, to discuss ideas with brilliant minds?

Well, that’s the access that podcasts give their listeners these days. It’s even gone as far as audiobooks- because these days the possibilities are endless.

Exposure, exposure, exposure 

 Pay very careful attention!

Be selective about what you expose your ears to because it will infiltrate your mind and spill over into your heart. Mind your listening and filter it well. Make sure that what you’re listening to is positive, productive, and progressive.

Yes listen to your favourite album but also listen to words of wisdom, words of positivity, and words of affirmation.

Don’t allow what you listen to, to consume you but rather to fuel you.

Concluding thoughts.

Think about it!

Think about what you expose yourself to, and what you listen to. As well as, who you let into your mind and into your thoughts. 

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