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Kevin McCarthy, the House speaker, has ousted several Democrats from their committees. 

 This is a contradictory action by McCarthy- and would be fair for him to employ something similar to some Republicans.  Republicans like George Santos have done far more serious things than they have. Such as:

The Republican from New York decided not to be on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee and the Small Business Committee. 

In private, Santos announced to fellow Republicans that he would remove himself from the committees.  Santos justified this by saying:

It is important that I primarily focus on serving the constituents of New York’s Third Congressional District and providing federal-level representation without distraction

Should Santos resign?

According to a CNBC article, A Newsday/Siena College poll found that:

78% of registered voters in New York’s 3rd Congressional District –– including 71% of Republican respondents –– say Santos should resign.

Before being officially put into the 118th Congress, he confessed to giving inaccuracies about his work and school. He apologized for embellishing his resume. He has undertaken the duty of fulfilling his two-year term. 

Suspicion about Santos’ activities and credentials came into question as early as 2021. While competing for a House seat in the suburban New York City area for the second time, he asked “his campaign to commission a routine background study on him.” 

The findings in the study were enough to shock Santos’ vendors. They demanded that he quit because there would be backlash. Instead, he questioned the results and stayed in. Consequently, campaign members left.

Locally, some were suspicious of him. For instance, Gerard Kassar, the chairman of the New York Conservative Party, stated this situation was a mistake and that he will be more careful. Kassar is reported as saying:

The reality is there’s no defense, it shouldn’t have happened. It would be impossible and probably incorrect for me to say this could never happen again, but it won’t be from me not looking again

Is Santos who he claims to be?

Republicans in New York presented the No Fortune For Fraud Act. This bill, if it passes, will prevent any legislators from being charged with any crimes – involving financial or campaign finance fraud.

Late in 2021, donors became suspicious of him. This occurred at the same time he was involved in a Ponzi Scheme. Santos told Kristin Blanco he received an endorsement from then-President Donald J. Trump, which wasn’t true. 

For Blanco, the idea of Santos to ‘plugged-in Republicans’ worried her. She and a close associate could not confirm Mr. Santos’s work experience. She told Santos that they hate being deceived. This occurred after they asked for a resume, which he declined to do. Santos felt it was an invasion of privacy. 

Santos and his team spent $16.600 on Capital Research Group LLC. His team asked about doing a vulnerability study. He agreed. As it progressed further, he decided to pull out. 

The research team found no proof that Santos had degrees at Baruch College and New York University.  Questions regarding work experience emerged. His campaign team offered him the option to either quit or continue. He looked to prove the accuracy of college credentials. Ultimately, he stayed in. 

Democrat fraud being dealt with

Despite this evidence, Kevin McCarthy decides to remove three Democrats from their committee. Before being elected as House speaker, he said this would happen. 

He removed Congressman Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff from California from the House Intelligence Committee.  Moreover, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

On Fox, he explained why he removed Swalwell and Schiff. He said that they were both tainted.  McCarthy claims:

Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector. Why would we ever give him a security clearance in the secrets to America? You have Adam Schiff, who had lied to the American public time and again.

According to The Hill, a Chinese intelligence operative was linked to Swalwell, and soon after Republicans made him a target. With Schiff, the article mentioned that his involvement with the impeachment attempt of Trump and the  January 6 investigation made him an irritant for the GOP (Grand Old Party). 

Omar is a strong critic of Israel and its longstanding attacks on Palestinian-occupied areas. McCarthy accused Omar of having anti-Semitic views. 

During Santos’ run, the head of the main House Republican super PAC mentioned to legislators and campaign contributors that he was sceptical of Santos’ background.

Turning a blind eye to Republican fraud?

Overall, Republicans didn’t inform more powerful leaders. Few considered Santos’ claims to be exaggerations. Some even believed that Democrats would do the digging for them. Yet, they themselves had difficulty with it.

 It’s unclear what was known- given that Santos had his campaign team sign an NDA or nondisclosure agreement. A New York Times article stated that McCarthy hasn’t spoken on Santos’ political tall tales and hasn’t pushed for his removal either. 

To be fair, instead of just removing those few from particular committees, how about McCarthy spread the wealth around? It would be fair to do so. Majorie Taylor Greene would be the first. Many of her actions were and are alarming. Undoubtedly, there are others, such as Santos that were and are deserving of severe punishment for their actions. Don’t just let someone just remove themselves.

Play a fair game.

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