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Last week saw the ticket release for one of Europe (and Australia)’s most anticipated events of the year, The Eurovision Song Contest hosted on behalf of Ukraine in Liverpool. 

Twitter users did not hold back as they described their excitement and frustration when it came to the less-than-ideal purchase process. Full of overcrowding and technical faults. Members of the public captured the chaos. Here is a roundup of some of our favourites.

The anticipation began in the days and hours prior to the event, with Twitter users attempting to psych each other out. 

In the lead-up to the final minutes before sales opened, users were ready to gather in the queue or try to find their way in.

It may be no surprise following the Taylor Swift debacle, that Ticketmaster’s unreliable servers crashed within minutes, sparking a whole barricade of frustration. 

Soon enough, word spread around the platform that tickets had sold out.

When the madness concluded, the recovery responses were no less hilarious, as people began to decipher what they had just witnessed. 

Ultimately, there are very few ways to summarise the chaos of the situation, which led to the Ticketmaster website crashing, tickets being sold out for the final in just over half an hour, and many disappointed fans

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