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M3GAN was a fantastic concept– A hint of the potential AI intelligence of the future maybe. The backstory was kind of cute, and clearly, such a doll would seem to be the ideal companion for lonesome children. Yet somehow I expected so much more from this much-advertised horror/ thriller.

M3GAN compared to Wednesday

I had already watched the Wednesday comedy horror series on Netflix. and in my mind, I thought that M3GAN might rival this. Countless videos on YouTube seemed to suggest that there were similarities between the two. Except it really only seems to be dancing that links the two.

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I guess if you are a pre-teen into dance trends, then the dance scene in M3GAN won’t disappoint. However, older viewers were likely waiting in anticipation for things to get scary. Wednesday definitely has a far more creepy appearance in my opinion.

M3GAN is slow to get to the scary bits

It was nearly 3/4 of the way into the film before anything remotely scary happened. The backstory took up too much of the film (in my opinion), and I was beginning to wonder if the film was actually a thriller/ horror at all. Yet although I will say that it was kind of endearing how protective M3GAN was to Cady- and that it was also hardly a surprise that the AI doll would then turn on her creators. It really was just a matter of when and not if.

How does M3GAN compare to horror dolls of the past?

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I grew up with the Chucky franchise, watching them far younger than I probably should have done. Chucky was the epitome of scary dolls, and the films delivered a real horror/ thriller fest. There was always much suspense and you never suspected what might happen next. M3GAN unfortunately doesn’t have the same suspense behind her. The storyline was far too predictable.

Final thoughts

The concept of M3GAN and the future that could be coming seems far scarier than the film itself. Wednesday has more thriller vibes and was more entertaining to watch, as well as winning the dance-off hands down. However, the accolade of scary will always go to Chucky, who will always be my favourite horror character. The Chucky films never cease to scare me and give me nightmares.

I guess it really depends on the expectations people have, as to whether they will think that M3GAN delivered or not.

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