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As I come to a point in my life where the future looks unclear for me, I have begun to speculate as to whether it is possible for a person to actually manifest their dreams. Whether it’s as specific as winning the lottery, or simply hoping for a long and healthy life: is it possible for someone to physically and/or spiritually manifest their desires for the future?

The complication to this question lies in how the concept of ‘manifestation’ is actually defined. One Urban Dictionary user defines manifestation as ‘a term used by subliminal users meaning to hope for a desire until it comes true using the law of attraction’ (Kanguwu, 2020). This definition would seem to suggest a more spiritual aspect to the process of manifestation; if you wish for something hard enough, then it might come true.

It seems that in recent years, people have begun to capitalise off the concept of manifestation, with the rise in popularity of crystals, spells and tarot card readings to help people manifest their desires. In truth, manifestation as a spiritual process is becoming much more popular with the rise of social media. Although I don’t believe in spells and potions to help you achieve your goals, perhaps the more human aspects of manifestation can be relied upon.

I asked the question ‘is manifestation real?’ to my flatmates during dinner recently, and we all agreed that spirituality in terms of manifestation doesn’t do it for us. Instead, we came to the consensus that taking physical steps to achieve your goals, no matter how big or big or small, means that the future you desire becomes more achievable. Interestingly, three of my flatmates are practicing Christians, and I wondered whether praying to a spiritual God for health and good fortune could be considered a process of manifestation.

Taking action to achieve your goals obviously discounts more trivial and somewhat impossible desires, such as marrying your favourite celebrity or being able to fly. However, I really believe that if you put your deepest (and more realistic) aspirations out into the universe, you will begin to make decisions, both conscious and subconscious, that will steer you towards your desired future. You only have to believe that you can achieve these goals, in order to actually attain them.

My main take-away from considering the question ‘is manifestation real?’, is that self-belief is key to being able to manifest a prosperous future for yourself, and I personally believe that I can succeed in every aspect of my life, even when my future is unclear.

You should believe this too. So don’t delay, get manifesting today!

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