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Writing is one of the oldest forms of communication. It clears the intention of the sender and makes the receiver understand the content of the message.

There are different forms of writing: Creative writing, blog post, article, content writing, Email-writing, and lots more. It all depends on which a person chooses to engage in. However, there are barriers that prevent these from taking place.

How to begin

The main reason most people don’t write or express the beauty of art is that they don’t know how to begin. I’ve come across lots of people with wonderful ideas, creativity, and other types of writing, but they never pen it down because they don’t know how to begin. How do you begin a letter? It always starts with a word. It goes the same with writing. Begin with that word that comes into your head, write it in a book, or type it on your phone- with that, you are on it. A group of letters forms words, a group of words forms sentences, group of sentences forms content. The first thing is to begin.

Accepting what you’ve written

It doesn’t just end with the writing. After writing, are you pleased with what you’ve written? I hear people say, they’re not pleased with what they’ve written. Most times, they trash it and let the ideas die. When you don’t accept what you’ve written, how would you let others see your work? It starts with you. Love, accept, and appreciate your writing.

Lack of reading

As fuel is to a car, reading is to writing. To be able to write better, one must read better. Frequent reading broadens one’s knowledge. No one is above learning, and to learn, one will have to cultivate the habit of reading. Most famous writers will tell you that the secret behind good writing is constant reading.

To become better at writing, you have to learn to begin, accept what you’ve written, and read always.

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