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Ever had a journey in your life start like that?

Whether you’re a person who’s thought this once, daily, or every 5 to 10 minutes (no prizes for guessing who I am), it’s one of the scariest thoughts you can have.

Fuelled by a toxic triad — doubt, insecurity, and regret — it can echo in the dungeons of your subconscious as if it were whispered by every boss, bully, teacher, ex, or bogeyman who’s had it out for you.

Yep. That trio feels DEADLY!

Like you’re drowning in cluelessness about how to get a grip on your life. Embarrassing you about sharing what feels like the dumbest questions with Google’s emotionless search bar. Shaming you for seeking answers to questions you think you should already know like :

Why can’t I work a job I love?

How do I work from home and support my family?

What the hell is SEO?

Do I really have to subscribe to Andrew Tate’s ‘Hustlers University’ to succeed at life?” (spoiler alert, lord no).

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…“How do I get a grip on my life?

I’m on a mission to let every undergrad, intern, manager, regional manager, NFT pusher, cryptobro, or whoever the f*&k knows – you’re not alone.

And dare I say…

…it’s okay.

Actually, f*ck that. Admitting you don’t know what you’re doing is not only okay, it’s necessary.

It’s the first sign you’re willing to accept what you don’t know in the pursuit of what you could know. It’s the first sign you have the self-awareness to work on yourself to become your next self. 
If you’re reading this and never think What the f*ck am I doing, it’s either you’re Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, or it’s about time you start… because if you’ve seen Elon Musk’s love life, even rocket scientists ask the question.

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Every journey is different, but they start the same. Today, I’ve made a choice. I haven’t the foggiest how I’ll get from sleeping on a single bed mattress and working part-time in a Primary School in Yorkshire, to living in a penthouse in London making 10k a month freelance writing but- I’ll get there, one awkward step at a time.

If you’ve seen my writing before (lord, help you), you’ll know this is a new chapter for me, and so I invite you to follow my journey, in the hopes it eases yours. Watch me wrestle with doubt, insecurity, and regret– the very triad that tells us we’re fighting the good fight, and taking the right steps to a life worth living.

tick with Mr. Hunter for daily posts ranging from life hacks, new discoveries, existential dread, and whether or not relationships like Tahnee and Ollie’s from Mafs Australia are one in a million (why am I this jealous).

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Let me get vulnerable so you don’t have to, and don’t you ever feel guilty for thinking…

“What the f#*k am I doing!?”

Say it loud! Say it proud! Say it with Mr. Hunter.

Comment below, and let me know a time in your life when you’ve said “What the f#*k am I doing?”

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