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Anything can be good when used rightly. And anything can be bad when used wrongly.

If there is time for everything, that means even doing the right thing at the wrong time is wrong. Everything made was made for a reason.

Social media is far, one of the biggest platforms that things go on, like business, entertainment, communication, media, and a lot of activities. These things become active according to how people use them.

In pursuit of fame

Often, people abuse social media, by constantly posting things that are meant to be private, thereby causing a stir. Some do this because they want to increase their followers, while others do it to attract likes and comments. In it all, what they’re pursuing is Fame.  

The quest for fame has turned many social medial users into desperate adventurers.

This quest is constantly reducing social media to a standard that is viewed as inappropriate. It was invented for the right purpose, not for a destructive purpose. Users are therefore advised to mind their choice of language when posting or commenting.

You never can tell how much damage is caused to those you throw bad comments on. Some of these people get demoralized and won’t feel the need to ever post anything again. Also, users are advised not to bring everything onto social media, especially things that are seen as sacred. Although, a lot of people will say it’s their choice. Then, they shouldn’t forget that the internet does not forget.

Social media can either make or mar you.

Social media can either make or mar you.

The choice is also yours to make, whether to let social media make or mar you. Because social media has been serving greater purposes- like education, advertisement, entertainment, tourism, and even for religious purposes.

Imagine teaching about a particular thing on the internet, do you know the number of people that will be listening and learning? You never can tell, till you do the count.

Users, please promote more positive things, so that negative things will find no room on social media.

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