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Expectation and assumption are two of the most dangerous triggers for our mental health. They consume you and make you believe in things that were never proven to be true, or proven to become a reality. It is unfortunately just your own mind playing tricks on you and your thoughts getting carried away.

Having high expectations for an underdeveloped situation, or circumstance, only makes room for tragic disappointment. Because you’re waiting for an outcome that you created in your mind but that was never going to be manifested into a reality.

Expectation leads you to break your own heart and shatter your soul. 

Things that expectation will lead you to 

  1. Disappointment 
  2. Doubt 
  3. False hope 
  4. Depression 
  5. Lack of trust 
  6. Delusion 

Expectation puts you in a place of deficit and not surplus, it puts you at a disadvantage- because you’re the one breaking your own heart by not letting go of what you think and just giving in to what is.

Live in the now and focus on the reality of life.

Don’t think about what it could or should be, but be content in the present. Feel it, smell it, taste it, and embrace it- for this moment will not come again and cannot be relived. 

Concluding thoughts

Don’t over-exaggerate a situation.

Accept it for what it is and when you cannot change it, let it go.

Don’t waste your today waiting on expectations. The unknown may be more than what you think and better than what you hope for.

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