Source: Flickr by Serguei_30, Street Art City “No Pain No Gain”

As Zion Lee said:

Everybody wants happiness and nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Many times we have a desire for something, and want it to happen at our pace or time, but they do not happen, which could lead to depression and dejection.

A lot of times as humans we often forget everything in the cycle of life is a process, which could be influenced by a lot of factors, of which time is a very essential factor.  Depression is one of the problematic barriers in the journey to success for every human, but here are some things to do when in the depression phase of the Success Journey

Avoid external noise or the thoughts of others

The majority of the time, when you aim at a goal, the best way to achieve the goal is to keep to yourself. Listening to the opinions of others could be the end of that goal- because the opinions of others could bring a negative energy to your goal and thereby truncate your goal.

Focus on the goal

While it may seem like the difficulties or pain are too great and not worth it, the majority of people make the error of focusing on their failures, rather than on their strong points. The best way of getting rid of pain is to forget about it and focus instead on pleasure.

Looking back at the past

Mistakes are a major part of human life.

Every human has a past be it good, bad, or ugly. To succeed sometimes, you will need to forget the past and focus on the present and future. This helps you reshape and re -strategise to achieve your goal.

Being affected by rejections

Rejections as depressing as they may be are inevitable in every human life, they can be really difficult to handle sometimes. However, rejections might be the greatest motivation at some point for some people. In order to succeed at your goal, you must accept that rejections are part of the process toward the goal.

Life comes with the Good and Bad, how we handle the bad, determines how the good will be.

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