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We all have scars, both seen and unseen. It’s the way we fight the story behind these scars that matters.

Scars can heal, but are there permanently. You might dwell on them for a long time, you might be in torment for far too long, or you might even choose to remain in this moment and accept defeat. But stories surrounding any scar are up to us- to either make them fascinating or less fascinating.

You’re the brain behind the story, learn a better way to tell the story of your scar. No one can do that better than you, because you went through it.

If you want to wait until your scar disappears so you can be alright, you will have to wait forever.

Scars never disappear.

Scars don’t clean, and we might not forget the story behind it, but we are privileged to be able to choose to ignore our scars. This is the only way to move on. Neglecting the things that pains us, and choosing to be happy with life.

What is that scar in your life that has refused to heal? Have you tried to get over it? Sit tight. Be patient with yourself, because you’re not going through this alone.

Every human being has a scar. It’s part of our imperfections.

Final thoughts

Each time you look at your scars, feel the need to touch them. If they’re an invisible scar, speak to it. It listens and adheres to any instruction you may choose to give it. It’s all part of the healing process. I want you to know that you can migrate from this point in time, to a brighter and better phase. For this to be possible, you will have to make room for it.

Scars might hurt, but they’re also beautiful- only if we make them to be.

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