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Recent scenes of Lola Pearce dying, are sure to have brought tears to even the most stoic of person.

Loyal Eastenders fans have watched Lola gradually deteriorate, over the months- from the brain tumour that she had. The storyline was heart-wrenching but also raised important issues about how people deal with terminal illness and death.

The effects on others

This tragic storyline raised vital issues, around how others deal with seeing loved ones deteriorate and die. Eastenders scriptwriters did a fantastic job of showing how people can deal with tragic events differently.

Ben was shown to do his usual trick, of running away from something he struggled to cope with. Yet it was clear that he still cared a great deal. It was hard to watch the anguish that was obvious from Ben’s actions. His desperation of trying to prevent Lola’s inevitable death- by seeking out any solution that could buy her more time; but more importantly would avoid his worse nightmare coming true.

Jay was shown to be coping by devoting himself to looking after Lola’s every need. This showed that some people see keeping busy, as a way of avoiding the pain that they are feeling. It is especially awful to see Jay going through such loss, as he had previously lost both his parents at a young age. Yet it was heartening to see that his focus was firmly on making Lola’s last days, as happy as possible.

Billy’s reaction to Lola’s worsening health, and subsequent passing, was totally understandable. As someone who had been more of a father figure to Lola- his feelings of anger were perfectly normal.

Who wouldn’t be angry? at the injustice of someone dying so young.

Lexi, played by Isabella Brown, was amazing in what were truly difficult scenes for anyone- let alone someone so young. Much like Jay, Lexi was devoted to making her mum happy in her final days. It was gut-wrenching to watch the scenes where Lola told her daughter what to expect. I cannot imagine how painful that would be.

Other characters, like Kim, Kathy, etc, also were shown to have their own ways of dealing with the whole heart-wrenching storyline.

British Soap Awards accolades

It was no surprise that Eastenders won the Best British Soap Award for 2023- and whilst it was fantastic that Danielle Harold won the Best Lead Performer Award, it was disappointing that Isabella wasn’t the winner of the Best Young Performer Award.

The awards that Eastenders won, proved how well they cover difficult life issues- such as death.

Final thoughts

It is just a shame that Eastenders waters down these storylines, by focusing in on too many other issues- all at the same time.

I know that it’s life and that yes multiple situations happen all at once. However, as a viewer, it can sometimes be weird to flit between the various storylines.

Yet overall the show was brilliant at portraying death in a very relatable way. I am sure that we could all relate to one of the characters and how they dealt with the tragedy that unfolded.

Excellent job Eastenders script writing team, and I look forward to seeing how the storyline is developed further.

Finally, I must say a massive well done to Danielle Harold who played out these scenes spectacularly. She portrayed the various emotions of a terminally ill person, with much thought and in a way that seemed very realistic. I am sure that I speak for many Eastenders fans- when I say:

We are going to miss you, Lola!

Now where are my tissues?

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