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Am I alone, in not being about to cope with the volleyball nature of media?

Mainstream media is like a dog with a bone. They get a juicy story and they have to bleed it dry. Not only this- but they feel the need to over-hype every story as well. Then it can be nigh on impossible to assimilate fact from fiction.

This week is a prime example of the madness which exists.

Everything from Harry to Boris

Now, I am not going to get into the politics of the stories themselves. However, it is like the media is defined by how fast-paced life is. When something new hits the media, their previous obsession gets dropped.

Most of this week saw the media focusing on their favourite obsession- Harry’s (so-called) vendetta against the Mirror Group/ MSM. Then three prominent MPs resign and it’s like Harry fades into insignificance once again. Because now the media are busy making the whole Boris Johnson scenario, much bigger than it really is.

I guess the focus will be on the awful attacks in Nottingham now, until something else comes along to knock that into the past.

No escaping the madness

If anyone is like me, and just wants to disengage from these crazy narratives, Yet even on social media platforms, it seems like it is all that anyone wants to talk about.

Surely there is more to life than all the corruption that gets exposed through these media stories?

And if you start to get involved in social media debates, God forbid- if you dare to have a different opinion from most people.

You find that you get lynched!

People seem to have no qualms about making it all personal, and almost assassinating your character, or making you somehow part of the problem.

It really gets crazy!

Then you find yourself blocking people left right and centre, in order to stop them from hating on you.

Final thoughts

As someone who has had some journalism training, I find the craziness of MSM (Mainstream media) quite intimidating. The rush to get a story out, the lack of real editing, and the focus on bleeding each story dry; are enough to make me want to scream. Personally, I prefer independent media, and their focus on doing a more in-depth report on the issues of the day. Rather than the sensationalism approach of MSM.

I guess we all have our preferences though, and maybe some people like the sensationalism. Who knows!

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