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Let’s talk about success!

It is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is relative, some give it a religious/societal definition depending on how they view it. To me, success is when you’ve achieved that which you want to achieve and you’re happy.

Everyone wants to attach. “successful” in what they do- Successful lawyers, teachers, bankers, business people, doctors, etc. I remember asking a child what she wants to be in the future and she said she wants Successful 😁

How then can I be successful in whatever I do???

➡️DEVELOP A VISION: Ask yourself who you want to be in the future. Map out your vision and work towards it.

➡️BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: You are your best motivator.

➡️ BE BRAVE/COURAGEOUS: Ask successful professionals and they will tell you the weight of decisions they took, and the extent to which they dragged the bull by the horn. It is your walk to success, don’t think it will be a walkthrough.

➡️ KEEP LEARNING/UNLEARNING: “A saying goes that learning starts from birth and ends at death”. Keep learning, for the more you learn the more you know. More so, unlearn those that keep you redundant.

➡️ BE DETERMINED/ZEALOUS: Determination leads to success. Keep doing that thing, don’t stop, it will pay off eventually.

➡️BE GOAL ORIENTED: Set up your goals and make them clear enough. Instead of saying “By 2028, I should be successful” why not say “By 2028, I should have established 5 branches” and list possible ways you can achieve it, with this, you can keep track of your progress. You can create a sheet to list them.

➡️ BE TIME CAUTIOUS: Time does not wait for anyone, therefore stop procrastinating. Successful people keep to time, they even get PAs to read it to them, and they understand that time is of the essence.

➡️ BE STRATEGIC: A successful general is one who has excellent strategies. You’re a General in your field, therefore strategies before you strike the market

➡️ REJOICE OR REVISE: Celebrate your progressive achievements and when your plans are not moving as planned, revise them and make them work

➡️LISTEN TO CRITICISM: Criticism is essential if you want to succeed. When they say you’re getting it wrong, listen to them, and if after your findings, they’re right, make the corrections.

➡️BE COURTEOUS: Show regard for others and don’t look down on them, you never know whose ladder you will use to climb higher.

➡️GIVE TO OTHERS: Don’t hoard ideas, it is believed that the more you give out, the more you get. You teach and you learn more.



If you follow this route, success is at your doorpost.

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