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What does Business-to-Business (B2B) mean?

This is an act of business transaction between two businesses. In this situation, transactions are made between companies rather than between a business and a consumer (B2C). This is a process whereby companies purchase materials (from raw materials to finished items) directly from another company.

Here is an example:
A business industry that manufactures products and services, now selling to another business industry which will in return use those products as raw materials.

Here are clearer examples:
Early January 2023, Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd announced that it would be supplying its Advanced Apex V601 tyres as original equipment for Toyota Motor Corporation’s new GR Corolla.

These are two separate businesses, transacting businesses together. Many vehicle components are manufactured independently- and then other auto manufacturers purchase these parts like doors, tyres, batteries, etc; which they use to assemble automobiles.

Moreso, Samsung is Apple’s major supplier supplying OLED panels for iPhones for many years now, and still counting through its Samsung display branch. Apple also has a B2B relationship with other businesses like Panasonic, Intel, and semiconductor producer Micron Technology.

Why do you need a B2B Content Marketing Strategy?

Many businesses ask these questions in conferences and webinars, and sometimes they wonder about the importance of having a B2B content marketing strategy in their business.

So, I ask again- Why do you need it?

Remember! Someone who makes strategic plans always has the upper hand in the line of battle. So B2B content marketing strategy is like a roadmap drawn to guide you in your plan of action, intended to accomplish a specific transaction.

Business transactions are declined especially when there is no concrete content marketing strategy. If you don’t plan, there is a higher chance you will lose sight of your business goals and you might struggle to get back on your feet again.

So, with a well-mapped-out B2B content marketing strategy, you are sure to have the key to helping you create the right content and not stop there- but at the right time to reach your target clients in the shortest time possible. Remember, other businesses are reaching out to them.

Best Strategies for B2B Content Marketing

Having researched the best strategies to use, I have come up with these five strategies- kindly go through them slowly with your cup of tea, because your long-needed answers are here.


This is a very essential and reliable strategy for B2B content marketing. With blogging, your business has an online presence and visibility. Blogs can attract more qualified website traffic and this of course can lead to an increase in new clients. With your blog, you can post key informative articles that provide valuable insights, tips & industry updates.

Do you know why some businesses are more popular than others?

One of the reasons is that business has taken their products to the faces of their clients through blogging. Unlike adverts, blogs can reach out to everybody. Remember ads can reach out to millions of viewers, that may not be interested in that product. However blogging, in its own way, may not have such an audience as ads, but is more targeted to specialists and professionals who have an interest in that product. Thus encouraging them to come to you. Also remember that if your business has a blog, then you are positioning yourself as an authority in that very industry.


This is another strategy to use.

Know this! A case study builds credibility and trust.

Your prospective clients want to see that your product or services have a history of solving similar problems for your customer before they can trust you. So, when creating your case study, identify the conflict and challenges, that your clients have, and then create an action plan for resolving them.

For example:

Business A is struggling in the sales of their products, in fact, they are counting losses month by month (This is the conflict/problem). Your company, Business B (A Marketing consulting company) is contacted and told the problem. Business B then gives them successful marketing advice (This is the action) which helps to turn their business into a profitable venture (The resolution). When such a case study is presented, your prospective clients will want to do business with you if they have similar problems.


Webinars, also known as web conferencing, are taking the digital world by storm.

A business that does live or recorded presentations and discussions on its products and services tends to have more clients to work with. These clients though may have read their newsletters, and have now had an opportunity to have a conversation with them on a business topic of interest. This will go a long way toward making your client believe that you know what you are doing, especially if you pitch your business successfully. Some advantages:

  • Webinars are convenient, helping you to reach out to your defined audience.
  • They are also time and money savers. Imagine traveling a long distance for a conference that you don’t even know what the outcome will be.
  • It also helps in keeping your clients engaged and then enabling you to generate new leads.


These engage your clients with visuals which can include product demos, interviews, tutorials, or even storytelling. Use this to summarize the goods or services your business is rendering. Ensure the video direction and content are of a very good standard. For example, a video showcasing a software development company’s new software that can be useful in the financial sector like banks. Identify your audience, this will help in the direction of your visuals. Remember this! Videos get people’s attention, provides a strong ROI, have very suitable conversion rates, buyers’ choices are influenced by videos, and it can help with SEO as well.


Ever wondered onto a business page, and then downloaded a pdf file describing that business or product?

Did it educate you further? And perhaps you even bought their products because of this.

It is a comprehensive guide that provides in-depth knowledge of a specific product. This in-depth knowledge helps educate your prospective clients so they can decide if your product or service is what they need at that moment. Some advantages:

  • It is handy and once gotten, does not need an internet connection before you access it.
  • It will make your business excel from your competitors, improving your business reputation.
  • It will enlighten the important aspects of your business.
  • It will help to grow your email list.
  • It is very easy to create.

So, why not try these steps out today and tell me how effective they are?

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