About Us

At No Extra Source, we are all about giving you the opportunities that you need to fulfil your maximum potential.

Our Mission

The complex business industry ladder becomes a lot easier to climb when you already have a foothold in it: we want to offer you the stepping stone that you might not otherwise have access to in order to propel yourself up this ladder.

In essence, No Extra Source is a hub of opportunities. What you get out of our collaboration really depends on what you want to get out of it.

Our main provision of opportunities lies in our offering of free publication of your written work. Join one of our teams, become a regular contributor to our written newsfeed and boost your career potential. If you’re looking to grow beyond just writing, then our editor or chief editor roles may be perfect for you. If you are looking for experience outside of language-based content, we have roles in design, management and recruitment to accommodate your professional needs.

Credit: Ali Shan



What’s the pay?

We figure this might be a lot of people’s first question, and the short answer is: this isn’t a paid opportunity.

We understand that this simply won’t do for some people, and that is absolutely fine – we understand just as well as anyone that everyone needs to make a living.

No Extra Source isn’t your average business – we don’t revolve around money and we don’t conform to traditional business values.

We are bending the norm as we look to create an unprecedented business opportunity.

What’s the point then?

Well, while important, we believe that money is by no means the be all and end all of a successful life. Creating a lasting legacy, leaving a positive impact and forming a progressive community are our goals.

There is no end to the value that we believe we can provide you beyond financial compensation. We want to take in ambitious, determined and inspiring individuals, give you the tools, knowledge and platform to stimulate your professional creativity and propel you toward a lifetime of success.

No Extra Source can become your sandbox to test, hone and showcase your abilities. Put the experience you’ve gained and work that we’ve completed together on your CV, LinkedIn and portfolio, receive a shining reference from us at the end of our collaboration, and watch your career prospects prosper like never before.

What does this mean for existing members?

We have emailed all of our existing members with an update about the new changes at No Extra Source – if you missed this, be sure to check your spam! If you are wondering why you cannot submit articles for publication anymore, it is because we are no longer operating outside of the teams we are building. If you want to contribute and have your work published, you will need to sign up to join one of these teams. Of course, as existing members, you will get priority!

Please get in touch at theteam@noextrasource.com if you have any queries or questions and we will get back to you ASAP!

Like the animated design on this page? It was created by the brilliant Ali Shan as part of his collaboration with No Extra Source – it could be your work on the big stage next!




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