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No Extra Source is a digital hub for writers of all abilities from across the world to refine their writing skills, share their work with friends & family, and gain valuable, pro-active work experience to state on their CV. We envision the project as a steppingstone into the content writing industry for the new generation of language-lovers, a chance to be seen in a sea of homogeneous students, and an experience valued highly by employers. No Extra Source is a unique, hybrid brand combining the formality of historical journalistic outlets with the freshness of social media and multi-modality


No Extra Source offers a rare, unparalleled service: whether you’d just like to have some work experience on your CV or you want to explore, refine, and showcase your writing ability to a wider public audience, this is the site for you. Join our community of writers to produce written content which we will host, publish, and advertise on our website and social media to our online audience. Keep in touch with our team throughout the process to consistently produce high-quality content with the option for educational feedback.


Writing is our passion – and so are people. Combine the two with a team who know the struggle of finding work experience first-hand and voila: No Extra Source is born. Having also been stuck in the comically hopeless loop of needing work experience to secure a job, while also needing prior work experience to secure work experience: we understand the difficulties of starting out in the real world. With No Extra Source, there is no catch: seamless work experience, designed to make you stand out.


“But I don’t study English!”

Oh no! Anyway…

To us, it doesn’t matter whether you’re studying biomedical science or civil engineering, employed or unemployed, newbie or veteran: we want to help you stand out.

“I’ve never written an article before!”

Well, neither had we, until we did… The point being: we all start a skill for the first time at some point – we have to start our journey somewhere. Start yours here, and now.

“I don’t know what to write about!”

Whether you write about the history of global viruses, the physical structure of your favourite bridge, the philosophical phenomenon of nihilism, the science behind art, or whatever the hell else piques your interest, it doesn’t matter: employers simply love experience.

“What’s the point?”

Everyone’s been to school, everyone’s had their share of unenjoyable retail experience, and everyone has that year 9 Duke of Edinburgh award that we were told would make our CVs irresistible; the fact is, this isn’t enough to stand out to employers anymore.
But – a portfolio of expertly written articles in your prospective field, showing your proactivity, initiative, and passion for the subject?

A guaranteed winner.

An experience designed to make you stand out.

State No Extra Source as a place of employment on your LinkedIn.

List No Extra Source under your CV’s work experience section.

Get a reference from a member of the team for your job applications.

Why our writers love No Extra Source:

Personal Portfolio

Develop your own, custom profile to store all of your high-quality articles

No catch-experience

It may seem too good to be true, but believe us – it’s true!

Publication to a wide online audience

The high-quality articles produced by upcoming writers feed our ‘NES Latest’ section where readers have the opportunity to explore the latest, best, and most topical articles from some of our contributors.

Join No Extra Source today and allow yourself to truly stand out.

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