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It was a quiet, rainy night in the bustling city of Leeds, England.

A crescent moon cast its dim light on the face of a sombre student through a rooftop window. They sat, staring at the moon, wondering if they would ever be able to fulfil their childhood dream of becoming a writer. Their job applications were being rejected as fast as they could send them.

Every position seemed to demand prior work experience, and getting that ‘prior experience’ required just that: prior experience.

As they sat, suffocating in the sea of limitations that stood in their way to success, they decided to take things into their own hands…

Starting a private blog seemed like a good way to get some experience that might impress future employers and land them a job – and impress it did.

This was hardly a seamless process though, forcing them to delve into web design, branding, coding, and a series of other exploits that went far beyond their niche of writing.

Nonetheless, ambition prevailed and the blog proved pivotal in securing a solid job…

But as they went along in their new role, having worked so hard to secure it, a lingering thought permeated the back of their mind – a constant nagging that never seemed to settle.

How many others are there like me? Hungry for success and full of ambition but missing just one opportunity to prove their worth?

When they decided to turn the blog public and open the opportunity to writers all over the globe, the answer became apparent…

You are not alone.

This problem – this gap in the market – is universal. And so the idea was born: what if we could fill this gap?

The endless possibilities flooded the mind of this struggling student as they poured the ideas into a nearby laptop. Fingers tapped away as the rain pattered on the roof above when three words resounded throughout every fibre of their brain:




In that moment, a community was born. Every spare minute since has been spent developing this community and building the brand you see now.

No Extra Source has blossomed, growing into an entire movement of determined individuals all looking to make their mark on the world. We have helped countless members develop their portfolios, gain invaluable work experience, and launch themselves into the next phase of their professional journey.

As we enter the next phase of our own growth, we are looking to take things to the next level – and we are so excited to share it with you.

To this point, we have offered a range of individual opportunities for people to gain experience in their area of interest. As we are a community, we are now developing our focus with an emphasis on the importance of teamwork.

As we aim to build entire content production teams, we are excited to announce a whole new range of possibilities that you can access at No Extra Source. Comprised of writers, designers, editors, leaders and recruiters, each team will work as one to communally produce high-quality content on a consistent basis.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, learn from those more experienced than you and guide those who are less experienced, and this is the future of The No Extra Source Story – one written by you and me, together.  

Jack Anderson, Founder

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