We’ve all sat down to craft the CV of our dreams when applying for new positions, only to be met with a slightly disappointing word document detailing the ‘B’ we got in GCSE PE, that DofE award we did when we were 16 because we were told it would look great on said CV, and our 3-month stint at a local retailer or fast-food place.

As impressive (and unfortunately relatable?) as this may sound, the reality is that high end employers simply won’t consider such an application against candidates with a wealthy bank of work experience.

Now, we know there tends to be a paradoxical irony when it comes to gaining experience where you can’t get work experience without prior work experience. Stupid, we know.

It’s a good thing, then, that no experience is needed to write for NES – start your experience here!

Sound good to you? (We know it does)

Read more on how you can get involved here.

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