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Once again – for the fifth time in a row – the Lebanese national basketball team bashes the opponent team for a nerve-racking 86-85 against Jordan’s in the Semi-finals of the FIBA Asia Cup.

The Jordan national basketball team joined FIBA in 1957, and they have appeared 15 times in the FIBA Asia Cup Championship since, but have never won it. However, they have scored a 2nd place in 2011 and 3rd place in 2009.

Prior to the game, the Jordanian player Mohammad Shaher stated that he really hoped that Lebanon would win against China so that he could avenge the loss of his team during the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Qualifications where Lebanon destroyed Jordan – that was held on the 1st of July for a big 89-70. He also added that the match will be considered a war against Lebanon that the Jordanians have long waited, promising the Lebanese that they will get shocked when they see the final score.

Mohammad Shaher definitely broke his promise, as Lebanon eventually won the match and completely annihilated the Jordanian team.

The Lebanese national basketball team, nicknamed The Cedars, joined FIBA in 1947, during the presidency of Bechara El Khoury. They have appeared 9 times in the FIBA Asia Cup Championship, scoring 3 silver second place positions in 2001, 2005, and 2007.

The team is trained under the supervision of Jad El Hajj. They are currently on an impressive win streak of 5-0.

On the 17th of October 2019, protests have put the country on fire and in an unsafe situation, with an economic collapse, gas crisis, and electricity crisis all following. The Lebanese people have seen a lot, especially with the corruption that has been lurking within the political system for a long time. Despite all that, The Cedars overcame all those challenges to put the Lebanese flag on top.

The Cedars go back to their original roots to fulfill the Phoenician legend of the Phoenix bird, which rises from the dead. Do not forget that Lebanon have risen infinite times in the last century, from famine, mandates, world wars, civil wars, occupations, to terrorism and economic collapse.

Lebanon will face Australia in the upcoming FIBA Asia Cup Finals. Best of luck to both teams!

The Cedars will rise again to where they originally belong – on top of mountains!

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