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Microsoft is an official technology company that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and more services. It was established in 1975. Based in Redmond, Washington, United States, the company is extremely successful and is doing very well.

Computer software such as Microsoft Office has been cleverly designed. Within Microsoft Office there are numerous software designed to assist students, professionals, and individuals alike with documenting and presenting their work. Office products include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, and more.

Microsoft Word is a word documenting software. It allows users to make written documents however long they like and to a professional standard of quality. Users can change their word documents into web pages. It’s a very specialised piece of software just like the rest of Microsoft’s office package. It’s also possible to translate different languages very quickly and collaboration is possible with people around the world. It’s also possible to add 3D models to documents, to add more dimension.

Work can be read out loud and reviewed easily with text documentation styling and alignment tools. There is also an inbound research tool that allows research over the web to take place without having to leave the Word document. In addition to this, users can enhance their CV documents with the CV builder.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and database type of software. Using artificial intelligence, both experts and novices can make use of this software. Excel follows user patterns and organises data to save time. It’s easy to create spreadsheets either from templates or from a blank sheet and perform complex calculations using the formulae tools provided on the Excel ribbon, above the spreadsheet. The available chart and graph tools can make for excellent visualisations of data in a better way that is comprehendible for professionals to create reports from.

It’s possible to share workbooks and work on the newest versions of spreadsheets for collaboration to happen within a real-time framework. Excel can analyse data taken from a camera picture; just take a picture of your data and upload it onto Excel for the data to be converted into a fully editable table. Power BI tables are also available to use from the data types gallery to connect to live and trusted data originating from Power BI.

Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to create PowerPoint presentations for both personal and professional use. Slides are easy to create with the assistance of Designer and Ideas in PowerPoint. 3D objects and animation can be inserted into PowerPoint presentation documents with ease. Also, you can convert written notes into text thanks to Microsoft PowerPoint’s ink recognition software. Get real-time help with your presentations thanks to AI. Presenter Coach allows users to practice their speech and get help with pacing, word choices and more. It is possible to track changes made by others if the document is being shared.

Microsoft Outlook is an email and calendar service. Users can collect, organise, and meet their objectives. Sending, receiving, and managing emails has never been easier, especially with the built-in calendar to keep track of appointments and events.

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing type of software by Microsoft. Users and teams of users can connect and share content with one another. Meet, call, collaborate and chat. These are the four main aims of the Microsoft Teams software. Meet allows users to share their screens, blur background and use “together mode” to be in the same space. Users can also make and receive calls with features such as group calls, voicemail and call transferring. Collaboration is possible through the use of software such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel by sharing documents with one another. Chat allows users to message each team member. Group chats can also be formed.

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